Life at the Lakes Festival 2024

August 9 – 11

We are looking forward to Life at the Lakes 2024.

You can check out this past year’s schedule for 2023 by clicking on schedule at the bottom right of this page.

Life at the Lakes Festival is an annual celebration of the Arts, Nature, Culture, and Community in  Cambridge-Narrows and its surrounding area.  It takes place on the weekend after New Brunswick Day. Several locations throughout the area present a variety of activities and events.  There is something for everyone…a community breakfast, quilt show, car show, artisans at work, art exhibits, croquet in the lavender, interpretive nature walks, the sharing of literature and history, book sales,  triathlon,  and so much more! 

Enter the world of Life at the Lakes and the community in which it all happens. Please note that this video was created prior to the 2021 festival. The dates noted at the end are for 2021. Life at the Lakes 2024 will take place August 9 – 11.