Life at the Lakes 2023

16 locations throughout Cambridge-Narrows and its surrounding area, including Codys and Lower Jemseg… lots to do and see!

Map & schedule for August 11 to 13, 2023

UPDATED on AUGUST 13, 2023

Did you know that this annual event is organized by volunteers from the community? There are those who work on the committee directly and indirectly, those who organize events on their property, those who volunteer at the time of the event and those who support in so many ways it is difficult to note all. There are 15+ venue sites which include properties of the Municipality of Arcadia, local businesses, Churches, and other non-profit organizations such as the Queens County Heritage, Ferry Road Book Place, and the local Library. The coming together of so many individuals within our community has allowed for a successful annual event throughout the years.

Interested in volunteering?

Here is a CBC news clip from 2016 about the Life at the Lakes Festival